Saturday, October 2, 2010

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 9/26/10

The home season finally began, with Miami at an inspiring 2-0 after a pair of hard-fought victories on the road.

Yes, the Jets had the better of Miami -- even without Revis -- so I guess it's a good thing I scaled back on the smack talk. Obviously I watched "Hard Knocks" so I was able to razz Cromartie about his kids and Rex Ryan about his snack, but I tried to walk the high road for the most part.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have offered to take Braylon Edwards out drinking on South Beach later. I was also warm to Jason Taylor, despite the overwhelming boo-birds in the audience (and the fact that he showboated a bit after sacking Henne).

Oh well, onto next week.

I'm not sitting in my tunnel seats come Monday against the Patriots. I'll be nearby in the club seats, but I'll post anything of relevance then.

Go Fins!

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