Monday, November 15, 2010

Tennessee Titans - 7 QBs in a Day

In a game that featured SIX quarterbacks lining up under center (Henne, Pennington, Thigpen, and Ronnie Brown back in Wildcat mode for Miami vs. Collins and Vince Young for the Titans), even Brandon Marshall threw a long pass that fortunately fell incomplete into quadruple coverage.

This was certainly a fun game to be at, and not just because it was Miami's first home win of the season. Who would believe that Miami can be 5-4 after winning just one game at home?

No, what made this truly fun was the giddy vibe in the stadium as the defense forced turnovers, kept Randy Moss in check (just one catch in garbage time in the final quarter), and the excitement over the whirlwind of quarterbacks.

It doesn't get any easier from here. Miami has to come back on Thursday night against the Bears. Sadly, I won't be there -- so no "Tunnel Today" videos from me, but I'll post some more clips from the Titans game later this week.