Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Are Tennessee Titans Better to Miami Fans Than Miami Dolphins

Let's start with the obvious: It was painful to watch the Dolphins get clobbered on Sunday. The feelgood season that was tested after a close loss to the Colts unhinged in a hurry. The fans were booing the offense early, and the benching of Reggie Bush for a fumble was inexplicable. A very winnable game turns into a 37-4 rout.

The video that I shot here begins with the final snap of the game. See the near-empty stadium? Don't get me wrong. I've seen teams with even diehard fans largely clear out after a blowout, but I have never seen a stadium as empty as Sun Life was during the last few snaps of the game.

I also want you to keep watching the video to see that even though there weren't any -- okay, not many -- Titans fans around, many of the Tennessee Titans took the time to toss their gloves and wristbands to the fans in Section 156. A few Dolphins did so, too.

I know. You expect Miami -- as a losing team -- to be dejected. They can ignore the fans by keeping their heads down as they leave the stadium, and rightfully so. However, even when Miami wins I've never seen them treat the fans to as much equipment swag as the Titans did on Sunday. I even got a glove from Jarius Wynn, and I was just sitting there with a camera. The glove just fell on my lap.

Well, it was a tough day to be a Fins fan. Let's see what the rest of the season holds.